About me and my paintings…

I have been passionate about art since my childhood days : art in all forms - painting, claymodelling or any other craft. Painting attracted me most and I immersed myself in it.

Standing before the ocean of art, I must confess, I often ask myself : what more can I contribute to this? Humbled, I often want to withdraw. Then I recall the saying - even in the presence of the all powerful sun, even the simple earthen pot has a role to play.

In the history of the evolution of art, 'modernism' stands out as a turning point. This movement liberated the art form from all kinds of bindings - social as well as religious. An artist can express his thoughts and emotions freely.

I have cultivated modernism in my creations. There is no iron fisted regulations in my choice of subjects or medium. I select whatever inspires my imagination.

Artwork showcased on this page are original creations of Pran Gopal Roy.
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